Daytime Nighttime, by William Low | Book Review

Daytime Nighttime  Written and Illustrated by William LowDaytime Nighttime

Written and Illustrated by William Low

Age Range: 0 and up

Board Book: 28 pages

Publisher: Henry Holt

ISBN-13: 978-1-62779-172-4

What to expect: Animals, Day vs. Night, Board Book

William Low is a renowned children’s book author, and he has created another book that is sure to become a favorite. The illustrations are surprisingly vivid and lifelike, and the words are simple enough for early readers to sound out themselves. Start in the daytime, where butterflies, robins and beavers bustle about in the sun. Rabbits, puppies and geese enjoy playing in beautiful flowers and stylistic sunrays. Then it’s nighttime, and time to explore what happens while children sleep. Fireflies, raccoons, owls and frogs are all at home in the moonlight. Then we see a child with a teddy bear laying down for bed, making this a perfect bedtime story.

This is an excellent book to use for compare and contrast discussions with your child, day versus night, daytime animals versus nighttime animals, etc. The book is sturdy and longer than average for lots of reading enjoyment, and the illustrations are beautiful and calming for bedtime. This is sure to be a favorite of both parents and kids!