I See Kitty, by Yasmine Surovec | Book Review

I See Kitty  Written and Illustrated by Yasmine SurovecI See Kitty

Written and Illustrated by Yasmine Surovec

Age Range: 0 and up

Board Book: 30 pages

Publisher: Roaring Book Press

ISBN: 978-1-62672-093-0

What to expect: Adorable kittens, bright colors, board book.

I SEE KITTY is an adorable board book, perfect for preschoolers and younger. The simplistic, bright and engaging illustrations will delight small children. They will be entranced as we follow Chloe, a sweet little girl who loves kitties. First she sees them in the pet shop window up for adoption, which sets her imagination on fire. Chloe sees Kitty in the clouds, in a puddle, in cotton candy and in a woman’s crazy up-do hair at the bus stop. Chloe dreams of kitty in a psychedelic kitty paradise complete with a milk river and more cardboard boxes than any kitty could ever dream to hide in. Then, she hears a noise at her bedroom door—it’s kitty! And her Mommy says she can keep her. A truly happy ending for all.

Yasmine Surovec is already an immensely popular cartoonist, playing on the daily interactions between cats and their humans. She is truly talented in bringing the sweet and funny cat presence into your home, even if you only dream of owning a cat someday like Chloe. My two-year-old daughter loved this book so much that she kept taking it out of my review pile to flip through the pages by herself. The simple prose and elegant depictions of adorable kitties will engage even the smallest children. I also appreciated that at thirty pages, this was a very long board book. We could always use more pictures of kitty! Highly recommended for all children, 0 and up.